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Hi Terry,

I'm seeing around the net, and here, that's it's slower than normal. It must be all of those newspaper, television, magazine and internet articles about how Ohio had the lowest cost of living in the country and is the place to move to these days. We saw a similar surge like that in Seattle when the dot-com boom was on-going and the media just loved Puget Sound.



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Originally posted by Terence McCann

Man, has it been busy. February was a banner month and March has been going gang busters as well. 180 degrees from last year when I couldn't give away a HI.

How's everyone else doing?

Slow in Atlanta metro. Buyers market lot's of houses on market. Plus there is an HI on every corner and two in the middle of block.

Paul Burrell

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Business is horrible; it's so slow I'm considering other options.

When I do get a call, I'm told I'm way over priced and I haven't raised prices in a year.

It's partly due to the new license law; newbies are lowering the price to stay afloat. But, people are getting what they pay for.

I did an inspection yesterday where the seller purchased 18 months ago. I found paneling on garage fire-wall, exposed styrofoam on garage ceiling, boiler in closet with no make-up air, roof vents improperly installed etc.

OK, I'm done crying.



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According to everyone I talk to, things are much slower here in NJ than last year. My calls are way down from last year. I would be upset if it was only me but after 24 years of inspecting, I am used to the ups and downs of this business.

I think it is a combination of a slower market and more people doing home inspections (especially since the requirements to be a licensed inspector in NJ have been reduced). I also think that the sellers have unrealistic price expectations for some POS houses.

My architecture business is still very busy. Many people are renovating instead of moving. On that subject, if anyone knows of someone that is looking for a job in architecture, we are hiring (Employment contact info can be found at WWW.AHMarchitects.com ).

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January was gangbusters, like a July. February was better than last year even though I took a week off. But March is starting slow and probably won't match last years record pace.

After 16 years of doing this, I've learned to take it as it comes. Slow periods come and go, but overall each year seems to generate more dollars than the year before.

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Originally posted by Terence McCann

Hi Paul:

Were you going to retire this year?

I just applied for my Social Security check. The first one's due June 1.

My business is listed with a business broker, a few nibbles but no takers yet. The business listing expires June 22 and, without a buyer, I'm going to just shut it down then. Maybe in May if the broker is agreeable.

If the unexpected buyer comes along, I will probably have to hang around for a transition period. Anybody want to buy a winning web site and telephone number in Austin?

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