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Pier Beam Offset

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first off why isn't your inspector answering this question.  There is an indication this is a "major" defect.  How old is house?  is there any indication of movement as a result of this condition?  I would not get exercised about this unless there was some indication of abnormal settlement.  

To be fair - I have little time for people that take your money and tell you to contact a qualified professional.   They should have at least explained the ramification(s) of this.

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That writeup on pier/beam offset is enough to tell me that the bigger issue is actually your inspector. An inspector's writing helps reveal his performance as inspector.

What Les said.

I'm a gonna buckle up my seat belt now.

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I don't see a big problem.  Their pier design is not one I have seen.  The spot footing design is one I have seen, but not very well placed.

I agree with Les about the call for someone qualified.

All else not considered, my read of this item says no big deal.

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Awful report. 

The pictures show a single post that's not centered in its pier block. That's not a big problem, it's not even a little problem. Don't worry about it. 

I'd be much more concerned about getting that electrical cable up off the ground, installing a vapor barrier on the ground, and installing some seismic retrofitting - if you're in the Bay Area. 


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