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size of hot water heater


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You wouldn't want to compare any other type of water heater size to an oil-fired system.  The Becket oil burner heats water very quickly, so the tank size is usually smaller then gas, electric or HP units.

There are several factors considered - the number of occupants used by many contractors as the sole determination is not accurate.  Incoming water temp (varies buy location), number of shower heads and their flow rates, amount/size of bathtubs, simultaneous or back-to-back shower or laundry use, kitchen and dishwasher use are probably some of the items that likely need to be considered.

Rheem probably has a form (maybe an app) that may give the data numbers to calculate the demand. 

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On 11/9/2023 at 1:14 PM, Valerie said:

Thanks!  I am looking to upgrade to a Rheem Proterra Heat pump water heater and looking to ensure i order the correct size, so likely the 40 Gallon option is sufficient?

Changing from an oil-fired water heater to a heat-pump water heater might be an upgrade in terms of energy efficiency, but it'll be a downgrade in performance. It will also function as an air conditioner in the surrounding room - great if you're located in the south but not so much in the north. 

If you're looking for the "correct size," do what Bill said. If you're just looking to match the performance of the existing water heater, look for a new one that has the same recovery rate as this one, which has an absurd 86 to 100 gallons per hour. I doubt that any heat pump water heater out there will match it. 

Is this water heater just providing potable hot water or is it being used for space heating as well? 

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