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How would you call this?

Robert Jones

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Probably need to rename the image w/out the space and bracket thingies. Without seeing the pic, I offer the following:

Hardi will show everything uneven behind it more than any other wall covering. (The edge of a sheathing panel not quite flush at a seam, a bowed stud, a blind nail not quite flush, a big spider caught behind the housewrap, etc.)

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It's heartening to know there's someone in the world as neurotic as I am. I helped a friend replace wood clapboards on an addition with fiber-cement siding, and it took forever because I was continually shimming the declivities so the siding would be uniform. I remember telling myself I would go broke trying to install the stuff by the lineal foot.

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Go to your picture file, right-click that photo, choose rename photo, and then rename it without the parentheses or any spaces like this DSC_002_small then save it. Go back to your post, click on the edit icon and then remove the initial photo and insert the new one and it will display properly.

Oh yeah, ditto what these guys said. See a kajillion board feet of HP around here all the time. It takes a pretty good installer to get it flat and most don't bother because the trouble is caused by bowed studs. Unless you can get the builder to remove the sheathing and then take a power plane and remove the crown from the studs (Yeah,...rriiigggghhhhhhttttt. Keep dreamin' sluggo!), it's got to be lived with.

OT - OF!!!


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