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Grading and drainage issues - defer to whom?

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I'd describe all of these issues individually in my report and then recommend the client hire a P.E. who specializes in drainage issues to design and implement a fix. Engineers are like doctors and lawyers - many have specialties. For instance, I sometimes do home inspections for one who does nothing but failure analysis on large structures. Other engineers usually know who specializes in what in their areas, so one or two phone calls to engineers with very pointed questions will probably net the name of a couple of specialists. They in turn will know contractors, hopefully competent ones, that also specialize in correcting drainage issues.



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Hey, I can't do them all.

Sounds like a major league mess. Pretty much what Mike said; I'd lay out what you described in clear language, and I'd absolutely make some sort of general overview comment indicating major expensive repairs were necessary.

As far as who might take care of all this, I'd almost say it's a team effort; you've got fundamental design & construction problems that involve several different disciplines. This sounds like it's going to be a large scale construction project to get it all corrected; a good architectural firm w/a background in litigation support is one thought, because it sounds like this baby is gone to blazes. Since it's only 5 years old, folks are going to be getting toasted.

Of course, because it's in my backyard (maybe), you gotta at least tell me what 'burb, or better yet, what development?

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this baby is gone to blazes
Five years after construction more like "going", but there will be major problems a few years down the road years if various problems are not addressed now.

And yes, the cost of some of the work - primarily the grading and drainage issues, but also some roofing and perhaps some masonry work - going to be a nasty surprise to the Association, and litigation is certainly a possibility.

And after sleeping on it, I’ve decided that what’s making me uneasy about this inspection (which is stright-forward from a technical standpoint) is the general air of “thoughtlessnessâ€

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