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Any Australian Inspectors On Board?

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I was wondering if there are any inspectors from Australia here? I read an article that they were going to phase out the sale incandescent bulbs by 2009.

(link to article):

http://www.bdcnetwork.com/index.asp?lay ... 2&nid=2073

I have a couple of questions: How does the general public feel about this? I think it's great for the environment, but as of now the fluorescent bulbs are much more expensive. I try to use them in my house, but I still have some cheap old incandescent in some fixtures.

Is there any "talk", about the government helping in lowering the cost of fluorescent bulbs in any way?

What kind of service is over there for residential? (110/120V or 220/240V)

Just asking for my own personal trivial knowledge.

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I have all but a few lights in my house on compact florescents. I don't like them for closets because they need a few minutes to warm up to get fully lit. I can also tell you that some don't last as long as they claim. I replaced 3 in my son's bathroom last month, all less than 1 year old.

Brian G.

Trimmin' That Power Bill [:-thumbu]

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I have replaced many of the fixtures in my home with compact fluorescents (CF). I started replacing first in high usage areas. They do save a noticeable amount of energy (as reflected in utility bills), but...

1)Turning them on/off on a daily basis drastically shortens the life, 2) the light is "different" (my wife's word) and you may need to go up a size in replacing (e.g. using a CF that compares to a 75 watt instead of a 60 watt), and 3) check out the "disposal method". Many CF's contain levels of mercury that require them to be disposed of at a proper facility. We could be trading one environmental problem for another. [:-crazy]

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