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What the....@#%!

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Maybe it was my mistake not gathering enough info on the house before arriving, but after 10 minutes of looking around I called the guy who hired me and asked what exactely do you want me to tell you that you don't already know? He was a nice enough guy, maybe just not to smart. I nicely explained that if I were to do a complete inspection and document all the problems I would have to charge him a lot, and from my brief look the only thing in the entire house that could be saved was the water heater. After a friendly conversation I told him there was no charge for my short visit and then I drove home and took a shower.

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I do not mean to rain on your parade, but that chair is perfectly good and those shower doors can be cleaned. You admittedly have hot water!

Those are the ones you think you will never forget. Mostly you do.

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