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1880 Framing/Support Question

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Inspected an 1880 built home yesterday. I've attached a few photos of the framing and support beams. Do you think this is how is was built in 1880, or do you think this has been modified? The space above the beam just doesn't seem like the best way to bear a load. The bottoms of the beams were wrapped in heavy cardboard. Maybe to thwart off head injury? I removed some. The wood was solid - no evidence of pest or weaked wood. There is some floor deflection on the above floors, but it doesn't seem bad for over 120 years. Was it a common practice to use steel posts in 1880?

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The house I grew up in (1890s) had floor framing like that, big-time notches. No problems at all. The steel columns probably replaced the original wood ones after the floors sagged when the columns started to dewoodify.


PS "Dewoodify." Yeah, I know it's not a word. But it should be.

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