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Woodpecker control?


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Be careful if you are jumpiing to the conclusion of pest infestation based only on woodpeckers. I have them at my house constantly, and they are only nesting behind my wood siding. Guess I should have left that ant infested elm tree alone in the backyard, they always stayed out there.

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Hi Rich,

Either they're hiding stuff or it's a group of fledglings. I had a pet crow for a couple of years. They have a very strong instinct to horde stuff and will hide it virtually anywhere. Shiny stuff, pieces of meat, a jeweller's burr, doesn't matter, they're going to hide it. It's weird, they'll keep returning to the same place to save the same kind of stuff - mostly food - but mostly won't eat it and simply accumulate it, so I'm guessing that they forget that they've horded it.

When they're fledglings, the nest will hang out together and their curiosity is insatiable. It's not unusual to see a group of 4 or 5 start picking at something like a knot in a piece of wood or a nailhead and keep it up for hours until the next thing catches their fancy. They can do a bit of damage when they really fixate on something.

OT - OF!!!


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