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What 's wrong with this picture?


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In an effort to stimulate discussion on swimming pools and spas I will, beginning March 6, 2004, post one to three photos on a weekly basis of defects found when performing pool and spa inspections. I'll try to post the photos on Saturday or Sunday and give you until the following Thursday to identify the exact defect or defects. On Thursday I will describe the problem. I had planned to start this sooner but had to index the photos on the CDs which DH and Mark were kind enough to convert from 35mm slides for me. Now I have to convince Mike to assist me in getting them posted as I am as close to computer illiterate as they come. For those of you who practice in geographical areas, such as mine, where three out of four homes have inground pools this may be somewhat mundane. For those of you who see inground pools less frequently I hope this proves to be a learning experience. Mark, I hope you find this more relevant than the GFCI chart (couldn't resist that).

See you in about a week.


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Looking forward to your pool/spa pics.

Here in Las Vegas; we also have 3 in 4 homes with inground pools or spas or Pool-Spa-Waterfall-Cave-Beach. In the older 60's "executive" home areas we also have two pools. The wet one and the filled in one. We play guess who's buried here? BA-DA-BING! Tony G. Tony B. Tony S...........

Scott Mitchell[:-alien][:-alien][:-angel]

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