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Are You The Best Home Inspector?


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You can be the Best Home Inspector in the world, but if your message doesn’t get transmitted to the market you want to serve – You Go Out Of Business!

Let’s face it folks, we all love the home inspection business or we would do something else with our time. But loving the home inspection business doesn’t necessarily pay the bills.

How many home inspectors come and go each year across this great country? I don’t know the exact figure but I would guess it’s a substantial number.

This is a hard business. In all of the businesses I’ve owned, this is one of the most difficult. Why? This is the only business I’ve been in where other people are mad at you for doing a good job for your client.

You do a through job for your client and the “sellerâ€

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I'm all for Carl selling whatever he wants to sell, but....

"How to Easily Grow Your Home Inspection Business" is a contradiction in terms; there is no easy way to build any business, let alone an HI business. I've been at it almost as long as Les, and it ain't easy. It's hard. Very hard.

I'm hoping that anyone out there reading this stuff understands the statistics on starting a business; anyone that would use the term "Easy" relative to any effort @ starting a business clearly has no understanding of business, hence, they have nothing to offer in the way of advice.

"HomeInspectorWealth" is another contradiction in terms; there is no wealth in home inspection; only a paycheck.

The only folks I know that are getting more than a paycheck are the folks @ Kaplan/ITA, and the couple other training groups that do nothing other than provide unrealistic expectations to folks wanting to get into the biz.


This stuff is all predicated on the idea of an ever expanding real estate market. The current condition of real estate is one of contraction bordering on implosion due to a multitude of market forces. The pie is getting a lot smaller, w/more folks wanting a slice. That's another spike in the heart of "easy".

Sorry if I insulted, Carl; I wasn't trying to; I'm only stating facts, learned from a couple decades of doing the work.

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I'm tired of people trying to reach in my pocket and take my money!

Phone calls all day long; I can get you natural gas cheaper; re-finance your mortgage; Buy an add in our binder etc. Please, ENOUGH!

With that being said, I just enjoyed my best month since July 2005; hopefully this is a sign of things to come for the rest of the year.

Anyone else see things a little brighter?



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