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ladder question


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Can someone please explain how a ladder's extension height can be greater that the ladder's height?

This is a statement that I don't understand:

"the Telesteps 1800 automatically telescopes up or down from just 33"" to 14.5ft. in seconds to give you a convenient 18 ft. climbing height extension ladder..."

So if the ladder is 14.5 ' tall, how can I climb 18 '?

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Originally posted by Jesse

Set the ladder up, fully extended, proper angle. Stand on the highest rung that you're supposed to stand on. Then add your height, assuming you are some industry standard "average" height, which I now don't recall.

Thanks guys. That is kind of crazy. I don't think I would stand that high up either.

Problem with the LG, or knock-offs, is the weight. I have a bad back and get around just fine but lifting a lot of weight get to me quick so I was hoping one of these 25 lb extenders would work for me.

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Originally posted by chicago

Heck with all of that sqeezing a few xtra feet stuff. Thats why I carry a 28 foot with hooks.

Hi Bob,

I hear ya, except that it's pretty rare that I can't get on a roof using my 22ft. L-G knockoff combined with my 13ft. L-G knockoff. This is the typical roof around here. They're pretty easy to get up onto and walk:


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