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Pressure Relief valve


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Well, I'll CMA (Cover My A_ _) and say I haven't read all the mfg's specs in the world so I guess there might be some possiblity but. . .

. . . common sense and knowing what happens to water when it overheats says absolutely. Otherwise, you can have a rocket (or bomb depending on your perspective) on your hands.

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Pretty interesting question!

When I think about it, I have seen hundreds of water heaters with just a pressure relief; blow plugs, dole valves, etc. All were very old. I have had lively discussions regarding the terminology with these devices: T&P, TPR, pre-set Pressure, adjustable pressure, adjustable temp, loops, etc.

If memory serves me correctly, Arkansas was the first state to require a device to protect air compressors and water heaters re: temp and pressure.

Water heaters are the topic of lots of good inspector lore! I am not aware of any water heater, modern, that does not require a t&p device. Even those InstaHot faucets.

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with the Watts 210 Valve i can only run a PRV at a exterior Hose Bibb that is 3/4 galvanized pipe. i cant go any other way becouse the location of the water heater does not allow me to run pipe left or right. will it pass inspection by hooking up the PRV to the Hose Bibb? [:-monkeyd

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I'm not sure I understand the question; isn't the Watt's 210 designed to shut off the gas to the burners in order to prevent the temperature from going any higher? I thought a sensor was installed in the tank and wires run to a solenoid shutoff installed in the gas line; did I get this wrong?

OT - OF!!!


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