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HEIL Furnace date assistance please

Mark P

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Heil's gas furnace serial number is typically preceded by an L, which is the plant location, followed by the year of manufacture and the week and then the sequence in a 4 digit number. I think you're missing the rest of the serial number and the first digit - the '1' - may have been an L. If so, it was manufactured the 12th week of 1992, making it 15 years old.

However, they used to have a different serial number system that used a 13-digit serial number with the location, year and week in the center. That's why the Mfgrs# and the serial number intrigue me. Is it possible that the manufacturer's number was in front of the serial number and that the number is actually 86301A6919212? If so, it would indicate that the furnace was manufactured the 19th week of 1969.

Rust has nothing to do with age. I've had furnaces 40 years old that have looked pristine and furnaces 4 years old that were so badly rusted one would have thought they were 40 years old.



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Yes 75,000 BTU is correct. The serial number actually starts with "M", not "L"

I'll attach a pic of the data plate, but I don't know if you'll be able to zoom in enough to see it. The Mfgrs# in on a line above the S/N. It looks a lot more like 1969 then anything newer.

As always thanks for the help.

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