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Tag teaming a large inspection

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I have the oppertunity to inspect a very large investment site next. The site contains 9 buildings with a total square feet of approx. 1.2 Million. I will be tag teaming this project with another inspector from our office; however, I am not sure what the best way to do this is.

Do you both do the same building just taking different floors? Do you inspect different buildings? Does one person do the exterior and the other the interior? The findings will all be placed in one large report, most likely broken down into smaller reports with the main report.

Any info will be great.

Thank you Bryan

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I would have this further broken down into related trades; I'd have my HVAC guy run all the mechanical, I'd bring in another guy for electrical equipment, and depending on a wide array of variables, maybe more folks after that.

I'd be inspecting the *easy stuff*, and acting more as a organizer, data collator, and report producer.

Does the other guy in the office have specialities, or is he a generalist?

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This property is an investment site for a property group. The reports we do for them are very general and mostly follow the ASTM standard for property condition reporting. These developments typically need work and some rehab. We are usually looking for problems with big ticket items, Roof, structural problems, exterior finishes and life safety issues. We also look over blue prints and surveys to highlight any problems/issues with the site. My helper for the project is more of a generalist, however, he does have a number of years in the commercial construction industry.

Jesse you are correct this can be a very profitable inspection.

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ASTM protocols are pretty tight and should lead you in the right direction. Do you have the latest edition and have you used them before?

We do several custom inspections per year, from GM to Sears to chain restaurants and have never had one be the same as the other.

Scott's post made me remember the Trane chiller that one of our guys didn't know squat about, so he just left it out!!!

Good luck!

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