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Counter tops

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I just saw a recycled bowling alley lane last week.

In the low rent district, I frequently see vinyl flooring used to cover countertops. It's often held in place with carpet tacks.

My very own house has a countertop made from oak t&g flooring. (Done by the previous owner when he was on a bender. Remind me to replace it someday.)

I've heard of, but not yet seen, bamboo countertops. Coming soon to a yuppie household near you.

Granite is pretty much ubiquitous in new construction around here.

I have a very wealthy customer who bought a beach house a couple of years ago. I noticed that the kitchen counters were plain, postformed laminate. I mentioned to the realtor that laminate countertops seemed inconsistent with this customer's taste. The realtor explained that the laminate was temporary while they waited for the custom-quarried, single-piece marble that they'd ordered from Italy. It seems that the shipping crate they had to build to contain this monster had cost more than the stone itself. So you might want to add marble to the list.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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