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I tried it years ago and stopped because they charged you for every lead that you accepted. The leads that I called had already found someone else or were just shopping price and using ServiceMagic didn't cost them.

They are more setup for the remodeling industry.

Ezra Malernee

Canton, Ohio

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This company will take money out of your account with no approval. They sell fake customer phone numbers and emails. DO NOT GET INVOLVED WITH THIS COMPANY. TELL ANYONE IN THE REMODELING BUSINESS TO STAY AWAY.

CUSTOMERS, DO NOT ADVERTISE WITH THIS COMPANY. I have registered a complaint with the BBB.

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They have been calling me lately and I was considering it.

However it is (dead on) that they bill you something like 12 dollars for every lead whether or not you do the job.

I have been avoiding them for that reason, and also because my level of service demands a higher price than what would be successful in this sort of bottom feeder referrals game.

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Yeah,I needed to work on one, as I am commited to the biz now and should probably start marketing.

It shows up a little off on the board though so I may make an adjustment later.

The clipboard is the fixed part enabling me to change the inside images .

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