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Pipes in slab


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Originally posted by NJinspectorNew construction, these pipes are coming out of the slab.

Drains for a future bath? One a drain and one a vent?

What about the pit? There is another pit for the french drain? So this one.......maybe for a future ejector pump?

b]Image Insert:[/b]


103.3 KB

Without looking at everything else (or the plans), it's difficult to determine from the picture exactly what the plumber has in mind.

Did you open the pit and look inside? is the pipe tied into the pit?

I'm don't understand why there would be a separate pit for the French drains, unless it's a local thing to install two pits.

If it's plumbing for a future bath, I would expect to see a floor flange or at least 4" (or 3") pipe for a floor flange.

The pipe on the left appears larger than the other pipe. Is it 3"?

If it is and if the pipe on the right isn't connected to the pit, I would think there are plans for a future toilet/sink in that location.

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Except the pit appears to've been filled in. It may be there to accommodate the trap of a bathtub drain. It seems way too large, but around here builders line the--typically--square hole with treated boards and then fill the hole with gravel so no one will step into it.

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Originally posted by NJinspector

New construction, these pipes are coming out of the slab.

On most new construction around here, there are plans on site. Isn't that true in other parts of the country? I'd just look at the plans.

If I had to guess, without plans to look at, I'd agree with Kurt. It's a very typical-looking rough-in for a basement bathroom.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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New Construction? Is there any wall framing in the basement? If these are the only two pipes in the basement with no wall framing outlining a bathroom, it could be a floor drain which needs to be cut down, & a vent.

Certainly there should be plans, or at least the builder or buyer should know if there should be a basement bath.

I'm not sure about other regions, but I'm use to seeing a basement bath rough with at least 3 pipes. The closet/toilet, it's vent, and a stub-up for a lavatory. Full baths would have a square hole for the tub drain, (or another pipe for a shower) and it's respective vent.

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This is part of my inspection for new construction, no additional costs.

Note basement or crawlspace must be insulated (finished or not) UNLESS ALL heating systems are 90%.

All outlets/switches on exterior walls (including garage wall) should have gaskets to prevent air infiltration.

Hi-hats in attic should be IC or otherwise sealed.

Also note the new codes require a handrail on 4 or more risers (used to be 3) and a landing is not required on exterior doors if there are 2 or fewer risers (except a landing is required on main egress [front] door).

Get yourself the new codes (including the energy code).

Haven't heard anything about the energy inspection yet, someone has to set some guidelines.



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I called the DCA (spoke to Marcellus) and asked about:

R311.5.6 Handrails. Handrails shall be provided on at least one side of each continuous run of treads or flight with four or more risers.

He stated that is correct, it has been changed.

If you have any questions concerning the NJ codes, call 609-984-7609, tell them what sub-code (building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, fire) and they will forward your call to the correct department.



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