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Originally posted by AHI

I am trying to change my avatar. Is there a tutorial listed somewhere on this site? I have a new one I want top put up.

Never mind, I got it.

BTW, I am now using the NAHI avatar since I just got my email from them confirming my membership has been accepted. They gave me my special password!!! Yippee!! Now I might be hanging out on their forum some too.

Anyone else here a NAHI member or am I an oddball?

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Originally posted by fqp25

So your password is "Yippee!!"?

Just Kidding[:-bonc01]

Hehehe..no. Yippee is me acting like a pansy.

But really, I have been working hard putting all this together. The acceptance letter was nice and it felt good. I just wanted to share the feeling. I will also be joining the local state chapter here in MD.


The next meeting is November 14th at the VFW lodge in Ellicott City and I plan on being there.

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