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Check your profile!!!

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Hi All,

Every month our emailed newsletter goes out to about 20,000 home inspectors on the North American continent and overseas. We've been finding that about 1 out of 5 of these has been getting kicked back as undeliverable. I've looked into this and have discovered that the overwhelming majority aren't making it through to members simply because:

1. Folks have their spam filters set to reject anything except email from those who they've already approved. If you want to receive the email newsletter, you have to adjust your email settings to allow newsletter@inspectorsjournal.com to come through.

2. Members have not been regularly updating their member's profile with their most current email addresses. Often, I get emails from folks asking to be put on the newsletter mailing list. Many of these are already members. When I check them out, I find that they've had a profile for years but haven't bothered to update their email addresses in their profiles. Take a minute to check out the details in your profile and ensure you've got the most current email address.

3. Some members are members of franchises and large companies that use a company account email program that blocks delivery of TIJ Update. Two are US Inspect and Pillar to Post. Employees of large inspection organizations and franchisees must go to their respective organizations and ask that emails from Newsletter@inspectorsjournal.com be allowed through.

4. Some folks have signed up using a false email address. I assume this is because they're afraid that we'll spam them or someone who they disagree with will be able to send them nastygrams, or their identity will be compromised.

I don't now, and have never, intentionally spammed anyone and I don't harvest your data and sell it to any third party. If you don't wish for other members to be able to PM you or send you emails through TIJ's servers, all you have to do is check the box in the profile that prevents them from doing so.

We have a secure site. Yes, it's possible for a spammer to sign up as a member and post stuff to our message boards, which is a minor annoyance and which I have to later delete, but it's extremely difficult for a spammer to get past the controls we have in place to guard your privacy. It's true that in the past we did have problems with spammers signing on as members and then methodically working their way through the members list and sending members, through our internal message boards and email system, spam messages, but we've figured out how to filter those out without harming our members. Now this site is about as safe as it can get given the current technology.

So please, Folks, go in and clean up those profiles.



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