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A Michigan Legislator Meddles - Inspectors Put Off


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A home inspection licensing bill that was initially strongly supported by many home inspectors in Michigan is now being opposed by those same home inspectors due to a last-minute amendment to the original bill that would make inspectors liable for anything they miss for an indefinite period.

The bill, HB 6088, was originally intended to establish minimum education standards for inspectors and require individual licensing but the amendment was added at the bill's second reading. Michigan home inspectors feel that if the bill is passed it will make it impossible for them to obtain insurance at a reasonable cost and could conceivably wipe out the home inspection profession in the state of Michigan.

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If, as the article contends, an inspector would be liable both for an infinte period and for any hidden problems, that's an impossible situation. It's totally unfair and generally absurd.

If a law like that passed here, I'd be looking for another line of work.

Brian G.

Les, Get In There & Fix It [;)]

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Well, we have some very good guys working on the "problem". Unfortunately politics is a nasty business.

Michigan is no different from other states when it comes to proposed regulation - nobody really knows what is going on. We just think we know.

I am not too concerned. It is much like a good bar fight in that you just stand back and watch!

My opinion is this - Government here in Michigan thinks there are only 120 inspectors in Michigan. Near as I can figger ASHI has 160 members, NAHI has about the same, interNACHI has couple hundred, Dennis R has about 50, and nearly 700 independants plus the part timers.

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