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Proper terminology

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It would certainly help us to help you if you were to post a caption with every photo. Just jot the captions down on a piece of paper in order, post your photos, and then insert the captions one-by-one below the code that the software inserted for each photo.

The photo is so dim that it's hard for me to make out what that material is. However, it looks like someone has attempted to use comp roofing shingles as coping along the outside edge of the roof - maybe to prevent wind-driven water from being pushed in under the edge of the cover. If that's the case, it won't work and you're looking at a hack job. Have those been installed as part of the cover or were they nailed on over the end of the roof? If pat of the cover, the situation is even worse because then the cover is improperly installed with only 4 nails and 4 secured points per shingle instead of 4 nails and 7 secured points per shingle.

Hope you commented about all that vegetation and how it's providing a freeway into the structure for WDI.



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ditto what Mike said.

I would write work likely done by "skilled homeowner".

Just an aside: I pretty much pay attention to words when I am writing a legal report or deposition and often change a term/word to be sure the reader will understand my thought. I have never been hesitant to just say "I don't know what the heck they did or that won't work". While Mike's explaination is nice, I suspect most would not know what the heck coping even is. My point is this - Write and say things so others will understand. It is nice to know the "proper" term but not necessary. Two of my favorites are tuckpointing and hot water heater. I think Chad had a topic a couple of years back that listed all of our favorites.

I kinda like knowing the terms and using the common word to convey my message.

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It looks to me like the "roofer" let his tabs run long and then never cut them off. It also looks like he started from this edge and worked to the left, there is a shingle missing between each one that overlaps the fascia. If in fact this is the starting edge, then each course is only offset a quarter shingle with the seams between shingles on every other course lined up, around here they call it "booking". This is wrong, (each subsequent course should be: full, 3/4, 1/2,repeat) and as the roof wears you will be able to spot the pattern if you can't already. It is a quick job with a hook blade to fix the mess, but if the roof has been like this for more than a day or two the edges will be deformed, possibly permanently. This is a sure sign if a DIY job or a really cheap roof over.


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