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FP fuse panel


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If you see an old fuse box still being used as a panelboard (not an individual disconnect) you need to tell folks that the system is, in all likelihood, more than 40 years old and is considered obsolete. They are rarely sized to accommodate the number of circuits in a modern home without overcrowding and they're usually undersized. Recommend they upgrade and increase the size of the service to one which will be more than sufficient to handle all current loads and anticipated future loads.



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Originally posted by SonOfSwamp

Originally posted by gtblum

Saw my first FP panel this this morning. Fuses not breakers. Are there any known issues with these, or is it all about the stab-lok breakers?

I have it on good authority that anything with FPE on it ought to be yanked and replaced. And that's all I've got to say about that...


Could you please show us where an authority has written that there's issues with FPE fuse panels?
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Heck, I just got home from inspecting a home with an FPE fuse box. I didn't recommend it be replaced just because it was an FPE fuse box, but the service cable feeding the home is missing its outer sheathing, so the client is going to update the whole service to a new 200 Amp/240 Volt service anyway.

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