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It's Time To Refresh Your Pellet Stove Knowledge


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2008925104411_PelletStove.jpgAs winter approaches and the price of fuel oil stays high, inspectors in Canada and the northern states, and even some other areas, are going to see more and more wood-burning stoves this year as sellers install them and highlight them as a desirable feature of the home. Pellet stoves in particular are seeing a strong comeback.

This article illustrates the renewed popularity of wood stoves.

Do you know everything that you need to know about how they should be installed and how to inspect them?

Do you know how to tell when a stove is EPA certified?

Other articles:

Pellet Stove Buying Guide

Best Practices for Wood-Burning Fireplace Installation

Consumer Reports Buyer's Guide To Wood-Burning Stoves

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One of my inspectors burns corn to heat his 6500sq ft house. He is nuts at $6.60 per bu. We have seen only one or two out of a hundred or so pellet stoves properly installed. They are all nasty in any event. Pellet stoves and appliances are two items we stopped inspecting years ago.

Mike, that is good stuff you linked to. Everyone should read it. Thanks

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