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Bubba Roofing Job


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So this is a newly resurfaced roof on a home recently inspected.


Image Insert:


115.82 KB

Image Insert:


268.68 KB

Image Insert:


241.38 KB

Image Insert:


214.11 KB

Image Insert:


196.78 KBmonths old.

Owner paid nearly $10,000. to get this roof done

New plywood deck and Built up tar & gravel.

note roofer re-used original flashings and did not slope toof to the roof drain.

We can now swim up there.

Owner now wondering what to do next

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That 4th photo is bizarre.

It looks like that flashing terminates into the brick wall, but I see the brick wall is actually across the street.

The proportions and scale of the photo really missed with myperception.

Oh, and I wouldn't bless any of that stuff. Just state the facts. It holds water - not drains it, and the flashings should have all been replaced properly.

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