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Fine Interior Detail Pics

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Reynolds Mansion

"The home is of the late Victorian period featuring an eclectic blend of Gothic, Italianate and Queen Anne styles. The stone for the exterior was quarried by The Hummelstown Brownstone Company in Hummelstown, PA. Due to its purple or blue cast, it is referred to as blue brownstone. The exterior was laid by Italian stone masons and reportedly 20 workman were constantly laying stone.

Interior details include a marble vestibule, classic mirrors, handcrafted woodwork, stained glass windows, detailed moldings, and inlaid parquet floors of which no two are the same. The paneled hall ceiling is made of walnut, however, the living room and the billiard room moldings are made of heavy plaster stained to appear as wood. The staircase is hand carved and adorned with a brass lamp on the newel post. Another feature is the intricate calling system which is still quite useful".

Even the carriage house is amazing.

http://www.eliotdalton.com/galleries/re ... index.html

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What's the red vegetation growing on the front of the house? I'll never understand why people like that look.

It is gorgeous; but it seems underpriced. I recently checked out a 19 year old 10,400 sq. ft. brick-and-vinyl house that was the same price.

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