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John Dirks Jr

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Good catch on the water heater size.

As far as what I think? Well, it's nothing but a giant car heater. Do you like the heater in your car?



A lot of commercial systems are ceiling mounted fan coils with chilled/hot water coils. A lot of apartments have floor mounted fan coils with chilled/hot water coils in the rooms. There is nothing wrong with a hot water coil for heat. A constant 140 degree coil may seem cold in the dead of winter as apposed to a boiler that is putting out 200 degree water though. No worse than a heat pump for sure.

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The existing water heater was only a 38 gallon. According to the research I did via manufacturers documents, the air handler in question should have at least a 50 gallon.

Not only that but the current water temp being produced by the existing water heater was only 105 degrees.

Come next winter, I'm sure they would have notice something wasn't quite right.

Learning and loving it.

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