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Deck and siding question

Michael Carson

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I like that second picture. Have you posted that before?


The Z flashing detail is wrong. It should be under the house wrap. Other than that it's a great picture.

Edit: Most jurisdictions around here require something that looks like the first picture for new construction, regardless of what the wall covering is going to be.


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Yeah, a couple of months ago. Don't remember where it came from; for all I know, I might be violating someone's copyright. Personally, I'm not too thrilled with it; I think the vertical leg of the flashings should be at least twice as long as it is and it should extend behind the wrap. Still, I suppose if the one over the top of that ledger is long enough and extends behind the wrap it should be OK.

The last time I built a deck I used the detail in the top picture combined with a flashing over the top of the ledger and large steel nuts, not washers, for spacers between the ledger and rim. Pilot-drilled every hole, sandwiched every nut between washers of bituthene and used bituthene washers under the flat washers under the heads of the bolts. There was no way for water to get behind the ledger; and, even if it had, there was lots of room for it to drain out and allow air behind the ledger to dry it out between rains. Gave it a year to shrink and then went back and snugged up every bolt.

OT - OF!!!



I see that Tom commented on that same detail while I was typing my response. Tom, I'm originally from upstate New York and the detail I describe above is how my old man taught me to do 'em. Only, he didn't have the benefit of bituthene back when he taught me so he'd go down to the junk pile behind the local truck repair shop and grab an old truck innertube and make me cut out every singled danged rubber gasket to sandwich those nuts and place under those washers. What a royal pain in the butt!

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