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checking google search

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There are several possible reasons.

Google is constantly reworking their algorithms. Whenever they make a change you'll jump around as they recalculate as they're not only resetting your sites ranking, but all the sites that link to you. Then the changes have to propagate across thousands of their servers.

Another reason is if you'd made changes to your site. This causes your site to usually dip for some reason for a day or two then it jumps back up.

Third is a recent thing I've seen with people thinking they're much higher than they are. If you are logged into Google (you can tell in the top right corner) then your site will move higher on it's own as it's trying to give you custom results. Make sure you've logged out to see your real results.

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Well, its not from being logged into google. I'm aware of that aspect.

It may have been some changes that I made week ago. I suppose it also takes time for the changes to be recognized. So, it's not until then that the drop hits. Does that sound right?

I just threw some more changes out there too. I got myself all confused now. I know, just walk away for a while right?

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