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How to get the smell out???

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I did an inspection for a very strange lady. I acutally did 4 inspections, and she finally bought the last one.

When we were there, there was an air freshener smell that was freaking her out. The buyer's agent and I spent 1/2 hour, in a vacant house, searching for the source. We finally found an airwick thingy behind a toilet.

Fast forward 30 days later. She closed on the house, had the carpets and drapes cleaned, had an ozonater (or whatever you call it) plugged in for 48 hours, and the place still stinks. I got a a call from the agent today, asking me what I think they should do. I haven't a frickin' clue. Anybody???????

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Talk her into a listing inspection [:D]

I would recommend a cleaning company like Servicemasters to come out and have sniff at it, or the company she used for the cleaning. Just a guess...pet odor...carpet pad? If it's a musty smell you may want to take a very quiet second look for any sign of water infiltration.

She sounds like she may also be overly sensitive or delusional. If you don't smoke trust your nose. If you do take someone with you that doesn't.

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I had a client with the same issue about 4 years ago.

There was a oder that would come and go.

Finally we discovered that the electrician had left the ceiling light(Surface mount) fixtures out in the rain, then installed them with the insulation still wet.[:-banghead]

When a light was on[:-bulb] for more that 5 minutes the oder appeared, turn the lights off and in 20 minutes the smell was gone.

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen/smelled it for myself.

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