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Hi-efficient water heater exhaust @ A/C compressor


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At yesterday morning's inspection, I found the PVC vent for exhausting the gas fired hi-efficient direct vented water heater blowing on the A/C compressor. There was approx. a 12" gap between the two. I know there is an issue with a dryer vent doing something similar (due to lint build-up), but what about the heat the water heater exhaust is blowing onto the A/C compressor? I would some acidic gases could corrode the unit over time, but I see nothing in Code Check or IRC about not venting water heaters near A/C units.

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That installation is a problem down the road. The problem with always depending what a code says is that they're minimalistic and do not necessarily represent best practice for the long term. Remember in school? You only needed to get a D- to pass.

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