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Wadsworth panel

John Dirks Jr

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My shop had (may still have) a 200amp 3 phase Wadsworth breaker panel. From 1959 until 2005 when I sold, every breaker was flipped on in the morning and flipped off at night. It ran two large compressors, often simultaneously and distributed 5,000-6,000 kilowatt hours every month without complaint or breakdown.

Like most older panels there isn't a lot of working space and things are little crowded if it's fully populated.

For the record, my parts store had a Bulldog Pushmatic that was just as trouble free.

Anecdotal, take it or leave it.

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I see them too often around here and have noticed nothing particularly wrong with them except that you have to remove two covers to get a look at the wiring which makes life a little more difficult. The screws for the second cover are held on by these little metal clips which are often spring-loaded so when you undo the screw, it can fly out and hit you in the eye. And putting this second cover back on when you are done can be difficult because they don't seem to line up quite right with the circuit breakers. In other words, dealing with the covers sucks but I've never seen any performance problems with them.

I once found a torched mouse in a Wadsworth panel which I have posted before and will again.

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