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The limb in the attic

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So, I realized many, many years ago that it's foolish to try to divine the motivations of others--especially the needy, manipulative women I almost exclusively wind up with--'cause if they don't understand why they do things, how can I hope to?

But for some reason this morning, I climbed an attic staircase, saw this limb intricately wrapped with a clothes-hanger beneath a truss, and wondered why someone had taken the trouble to put the limb there. My first thought was that it was an improvised grab bar to pull oneself up onto the attic floor, but it wasn't sturdy enough for that kind of thing.

It totally doesn't matter, but any ideas?

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Kentucky's one of the top five MJ producing states, but the drug thing doesn't enter my mind too often. I suppose I should consider stuff like that more than I do.

I posted some photos a year or two ago of electrical outlets placed in weird locations near a ceiling. Everybody said, "Growlights! Meth-cooling fans!," though that had never occurred to me.

I mean, I don't think I'm naive . . . .

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