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Washing machine discharge

Neal Lewis

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From 2006 IRC - The last sentence says its ok I think.

P2706.3 Prohibited waste receptors.

Plumbing fixtures that are used for domestic or culinary purposes shall not be used to receive the discharge of indirect waste piping.


1. A kitchen sink trap is acceptable for use as a receptor for a dishwasher.

2. A laundry tray is acceptable for use as a receptor for a clothes washing machine.

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Brand new construction. The washing machine drain hose discharges into a laundry sink. Not sure it there's a drain line in the wall.

I'm assuming this is unsanitary and a code violation since the sink drain is not sized for a washer. Tell me I'm correct.

I might not be a violation, but it's pretty damn cheezy in a newly constructed house. If the guy couldn't be bothered to install a stand pipe, what else did he skimp on?

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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