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Disappointment with PalmTech

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I have been a PalmTech user for several years. Last July I updated to version 5 and had a few problem with it's compatibility with Vista. They have been helpful but could not fix all the problems.

I want to convert to Windows 7 so I called Palmtech to ask them if my version 5 will work with it. Aaron at Palmtech told me I would have to buy and upgrade to version 6. He said he did not know would would happen if I tried to run it with Windows 7.

Now here is my problem. If I had purchased a new copy of version 5 in July they would give my a free upgrade to version 6, but since I bought and upgrade I'm out of luck. I think they should have told me a new version was due out in the next month and to hold off.

My other big concern is that they told me they have no idea what would happen if I tried to run my current version with Windows 7. Now, if you owned a software company and had thousands of customers using your product don't you think you would have done extensive testing when a new operating system hit the market.

I inclined to upgrade to Windows 7 and if Palmtech does not work with it, well then it might me time to move on to another report writing software.

If anyone has advise for my it would be helpful, but mostly I am just venting.

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I understand your frustration with Palm-Tech. I am in need of a new PC, mines on its last leg. I had done my homework, found the PC I wanted, of course it comes with Window's 7, was saving up to get it, and then Palm-Tech goes and updates their software. I too called about using their software on Windows 7, the woman I spoke with said it wouldn't work. She told me my only options are to pay $299.00 and upgrade to Palm-Tech version 6 or buy a new PC with Vista or XP and continue using Palm-Tech version 5. I am still able to buy the PC with XP (last I checked), but it costs more to do so. Due to the frustration, I had also thought of switching inspection software, but I think it would be cheaper and easier to upgrade Palm-Tech once I get a new PC.

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I'm not a Palm Tech user, but if they have a new version that works with Windows 7 and it only costs $300, why not just upgrade?

The time and expense to convert to a new software system will be way, way more than $300.

For the price that you pay for a report writing system, it seems unreasonable to expect upgrades to be free.

Just my view from the outside.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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Jim, For the most part I agree with you. My frustration is that I paid for an upgrade to version 5 only 6 months ago. They are giving free upgrades to people who purchased a new copy of their software during the same time frame but not to long time customers that where upgrading.

Yeah, that'd be kind of irksome.

Still, if it were me, I'd put my behind the in past . . .

On the other hand, if I had any qualms with Palm tech I figure now is the time to bail.

- Jim Katen, Oregon

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That's a pretty crappy upgrade policy IMO [:-thumbd]. I upgraded a client from 2003 today for $150.00 and that gives him access to our updates for the next year.

On another note Microsoft has made a developers life an installation nightmare with Vista and Windows 7. Apparently they had the best minds at Microsoft come up with this UAC stupidity... they completely missed the keep it simple stupid thing. I have been working on our installs for Windows 7 and 64 bit for about two months now! I know the UAC very well now and can honestly say without any doubt that it was the biggest blunder since Windows ME! I wish I could bill them for all the extra support they have also cost us! We have offered free support for years to all our clients even if they didn't have a current subscription... unfortunately that may have to change... grrr.

Not that I want to give my competitors any support, but you are a TIJ member... just turn off the UAC! Your software will probably run fine just like it did on your XP machine and you will not be giving them another $300.00.

If that doesn’t help and you decide to bail... we also have a Pocket PC version included with the purchase of our software (double your update fee for the full program). Dominic's home inspector pro software is even less but he has no Pocket PC software.

Michael Brown

DevWave Software Inc.


Sales: 1-888-739-4033

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