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Paranormal Inspections

Bill Kibbel

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If the Feng Shui home inspector wasn't enough to embarrass you out of the HI business - here's another one for you: http://www.salem-news.com/articles/febr ... /ophir.php

You can scare your clients into buying another an add-on service, just like the mold-is-gold inspectors.

"You want to know as much about your potential investment as you possibly can. This way, you can make as informed a decision as possible."

"This specialized inspection service isn't just for buyers, though. Sellers, beware! You too may have some explaining to do, should you not follow your inclination to see that your property is void of unwanted guests. 'You don't want buyers coming back and saying you never warned them about the house's past'."

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On the bright side, it's creating new jobs - ghost busters, exorsists, etc. Great for the economy...

Imagine not being allowed to back out of the contract, because the seller's willing to have the paranormal conditions eliminated. Gives new meaning to a walk-through.

The more you think about it the funnier it becomes.

Not to mention, unlike us, these guys are practically guaranteed a return trip for the walk-through.

And the agreement and E & O? Should be interesting...

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