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What age is this?


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Somewhere around 1983 to 1986. I only say that because when I blew that photo up to about 400% of it's original size I could make out a 3 as the last digit of the year of tha ANSI standard and the next to last digit, although very hard to make out, has to be either a 6 or an 8. I don't think a water heater from 1963 would still be around in your part of the world and one from 1983 probably should have been replaced a decade ago.



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As far as I could tell the big 85 is in the model number not the serial number.

I think the model number is the "3E104J" bit. I would guess that the complete serial number is actually "8522 131174" made up of two parts...the 8522 being year and week, and the 131174 being a "we've made this many" number.

BTW...I tried the ANSI at various magnifications. It's easiest to read at 150% and is almost definitely 1983.

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