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The New TIJ Conference Center

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Is there a Thai restaurant within walking distance? What if I gotta cop a noodle?

How 'bout ribs? Any decent ribshack nearby?

If you can afford that Island, the answer is Yes.

There used to be, and maybe still is a place on the river in Clayton called Foxy's. All I remember about it was, the food was great, the beer was cold, and the trip back and forth from the Island I was partying on, in an absolutely gorgeous old wooden Lyman.

Alexandria bay is real close. What ever you want, is there.

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Carlton Island isn't far from there and it's for sale too. More of a fixer upper though.



It looks bad, but wood from that era was far more resistant to decay, so I wonder if it remains salvageable.

If I get my wish in life, I'm going to retire with something like this (smaller scale, of course) and work my days away restoring it. I'm not one to sit and wait.


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It's only half a million. With the pool of talent here and a couple of hundred thousand each we should be able to have her ship shape in no time.

Here's the listing for any one interested, http://www.historicproperties.com/detai ... y=Necar006

The sad reality is that after being vacant for 60 years (when I found the listing 5 years ago), it'll cost close to the purchase price to tear it down and haul it off the island. The property is 'subject to special rules', which is NY's way of ensuring that it continues to rot away.


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