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Headed West, then North

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Come the end of July the new wife and I will be headed to Alaska for the honeymoon. Our 7 day princess cruise stops in many different cities.

We leave out of Seattle. I think we'll be there for one night, and part of the next morning.

I know several of you guys are in Seattle and was hoping for a few pointers on what to do, where to EAT in a short period of time. Perhaps if schedules permit I could buy one of you fine folks a cold brew or 10 [:-eyebrow

Also, if any of you guys have been on a Alaska cruise, what things can you recommend?

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Congrats on honeymoon...

Just took Princess Line 5 day, 2 weeks ago.... Juneau and Ketchikan...

food food eat food 24hrs a day on the ship, gained 5# in 5 days... did the zip line in Ketchikan... also chopper trip to glacier in Juneau.... lots of historic districts sites.... prepare for rain (Ketchikan gets about 200" a year) did I mention lots of food

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If you are going to stay in downtown Seattle, you might as well go all out and try the Metropolitan Grill or Daniels Broiler. Other than that there are some good spots around the pier area as well.


http://www.schwartzbros.com/daniels.cfm (Lake Union location)

Ah...a true carnivore! Truly the best steak places around here. The Met has great atmosphere while Daniels has neat views. Both are on the spendy side, but well worth it. Depending on the day and time, you might want to reserve well ahead.

But...as you are about to go on an "all-you-can-gorge" trip, do you really need to spend the dough in an expensive restaurant?

What is your actual schedule and where are you staying? I ask because I have a possible alternative for you depending on the date. I have a boat moored at a wonderful view spot on the ship canal between Fishermans Terminal and the Ballard locks. There are a couple of excellent take out places nearby (Red Mill burgers and Chinooks (fish & chips,etc)). The wife and I will supply the transportation, wine and beer if you would like to come on board and watch the boat traffic from up close for a couple of hours or so.

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Hey Richard, that sounds awesome! Very kind of you to offer. I'll get Michelle to get the info together for me and I'll let you know!

I must admit, I'm more excited about the trip then the wedding. It's been a long time since I've taken a vacation...

Jerry- We're doing a 7 day I think. Juno, Ketichikan, Skagway. We've signed up for the zipline, and chopper thing... As you can image, the women is doing most of the planning. I'm just there to pack the crap she buys [:D]

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