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The Magic of TIJ

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Imagine a vast expanse of water calm and reflective like a mirror. Now see a single drop of water hit the surface and watch the ripples roll outward.

Now imagine that surface being the collective intellect and wisdom of mankind with the ripples representing points of revelation and enlightenment moving out in all directions throughout future generations. Some of the bigger ripples were caused by such great ones as Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Plato – a truly endless list. We too, through both our actions and inaction, send forth, on a smaller scale, these ripples through our family, friends and associates.

But, what if Jesus had refused to give the Sermon on the Mount, because he didn't respect the man that invited him to speak? What if Gandhi had refused to respond to a question, because he had disdain for the one asking the question? What if Buddha refused to enlighten because he sensed the presence of a fool? What if Locke refused to write An Essay on Human Understanding, because the invitation letter to do so contained bad spelling and grammar? Would such wise men refuse the opportunity to teach hundreds or thousands, overcome by a stronger desire to punish someone they didn't respect or care for? I can't imagine it. The passion and wisdom of a true teacher is too strong to permit petty personal feelings to get in the way of a golden opportunity to instruct.

TIJ is a place where such drops fall on a sea of home inspector's minds with amplification. It is an imaginary coliseum brought to life through the magic of the Internet. Each person that makes a post offers up a new opportunity for everyone to learn. Who posted it, is truly insignificant when placed in the scales and weighed against the opportunity to explore possibilities, discover new things, challenge old notions, and above all promote the profession.

Many here, myself included, see home inspecting as a true profession and consider ourselves true professionals. Some of us are quite passionate about that belief. If that is true, though, then nothing can or will prevent anyone from seizing the opportunity to promote the profession.

The teachers that, to this day, stand out in my mind had a gift for making everyone feel included and respected. They also knew how to make learning fascinating and fun. The dry stuffy judgmental teachers have been long forgotten.

I see TIJ as a big classroom full of students from all walks of life. Some we immediately like and some we, for whatever reason, find it difficult to like and simply endure. Personal feelings about who’s in the classroom, are merely distractions from the true purpose of the classroom – learning and advancement.

Similarly I see some of the other national forums as a ride in a Greyhound bus – nicely appointed and chilly with high seat backs (egos) so it’s difficult to really see and converse with the riders. TIJ, conversly, is more akin to a school bus bouncing along down the road with, with lowback bench seats, no seat belts and open discussion going on while paper jets and spitballs are flying through the air – something for everybody.

Both the rate and the quality of learning at TIJ forever rests in the palm of our hands. Only our lack of ability or willingness to see and think clearly can hinder the gift. The more the pot is stirred and the more people that join in, the faster learning and advancement happens.

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I've always thought of TIJ as a neighborhoody kind of pub. There's guys you get along with & guys you don't; guys you listen to & guys you avoid; guys who talk more & guys who listen more. Every once in a while a lady wanders in, but they never stay for long. It could be better and heaven knows it could be worse, but it's a nice place.

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Thank you-all for conducting/attending the TIJ forum. I learn something everyday and have saved countless sums of money. Not many "inspectors" in my area contribute to the forum. Some ----not many.

Home inspectors are an independent lot.

National H I affiliation is getting harder to justify.

Mass. Assoc. of Home Inspectors Professionals has a nice ring to it.

Keep the Mass. H I money in Mass.[:-banghea

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