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For some reason, I can't get the link to work to the Iko site. They've got the nicest handbook for mod bit flashing details.

You can use a lead sleeve like Bill's (Iko) pic, or you can make a cylinder sleeve out of mod bit, and weld it to the base flashing.

Try googling modified bitumen flashing; what comes up when I do that is the Iko site at the top. Use their link to download the handbook; it's invaluable.

If I could get my link to work, I'd put it up here.

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Yep, that's it.

Just curious Rocon, but why wouldn't you just buy a mod bit boot?

GAF has a bunch of accessory flashing boots made for mod bit.

No caulk, no mastic to worry about with the PVC, no extra parts, no nothing other than a welded mod bit with a lead sleeve collar.

The NRCA doc's usually show a mod bit sleeve with a hose clamp to mechanically fasten the sleeve to the vent pipe.

I've never seen the southern Cal method.

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Thanks guys!! Great info.


downloaded the handbook, thx for the link.


No worries, I learn so much from your posts and questions, couldnt possibly be offended. How do you get the site to load on phone? Blackberry too slow for me. (thread drift coming)

I've been through every generation of T-Mobile SideKick ever made. They're not as spectacular as a lot of phones out there. The SideKick is more akin to a little laptop that will fit in the palm of your hand. I can't bring myself to move (allegedly) up to the newer phones. The sideKick does all that I need it to.

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Well I would not call it the Southern Cal method.

If you want Ideal then use NRCA details.

My repair offers ease of install with off the shelf components that offer redundancy at each of the vulnerable spots. It will also outlive the rest of the roof from what I see in the picture.

I just designed a solution that would slide over the PVC elbows. I do not believe most lead jackets I have seen have enough wiggle room to make the curve. (I do not suggest having a roofer cutting the intake and exhaust vent for your mechanical system.) Stripping the flashing in gives a redundant mastic level at the flange, and the shape of the jack keeps the mastic away from the PVC.



Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif Flashing.pdf

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Actually, my mistake on the boot.....I was thinking plumbing vent instead of the PVC combustion vent.

I think your method would work great; I've just never seen it and thought it was a southern cal thing.

We usually just torch a mod bit sleeve to a base flashing, and clamp the top. On plumbing vents, I use the GAF accessory stuff.

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