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Hello to all

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She did post to Ellen's Business Q & A forum and then you all kind of piled on before Ellen had a chance to even see the subscription alert and respond.

Might I suggest looking a little more carefully at the topic next time before hijacking a moderator's thread?



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Mark: Well, there are lots of factors that attracted me towards this forum, as some my friends are of the view that inspector’s journal is an outstanding place to get answers of questions that you feel nobody can. Besides, I am quite thankful to all of you and I hope that we’ll have a great time discussing various problems in the forum here.

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I kind of skimmed the thread, didn't really know if anything substantive was going on.

We get spammed a bit here from vendors; maybe folks thought it was all a soft intro to a sales pitch.

Regardless, apologies to anyone that got piled on unnecessarily due to misunderstandings.

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