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Flexible CSST gas pipe question


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Hey guys, I was at a home today with a gas FP in the basement. It had the yellow Flexible CSST gas pipe simply going through an adjacent wall (from the unfinished section of the basement), traveling un-protected and un-secured to the wall (just laying in the corner by the base molding) for about 15 feet before entering the FP. I am not familiar with the code or rules as far as this goes. Should it be boxed in or protected in some other way? Thanks.

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Lately I've been adding this document along with some boilerplate to the report when there's CSST:

Download Attachment: icon_adobe.gif CSST_Product_Liability_Suit.pdf

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It's from a recent thread.


How does that document help your client? It's more like advertising for the attorney, IMVHO.

It's more of a CYA measure, until the verdict on CSST is out.


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GasTite has a wealth of information on CSST.


They have also introduced a new product called FlashShield. They had it at InspectionWorld at their booth. It has a couple of layers along with a mesh sleeve that is suppose to dissipate any electrical charges along with any heat.

The key with CSST is in bonding it.

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