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I really don't have any idea how many "flaws" are in the following photos. I saw this configuration and first thought of Mike Lamb because of the content.

How many issues?? you might have to extrapolate a little. This job is all about thinking.

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That's a rather small heat exchanger for water to water.

Were gravity boilers still being installed in the 50's, or is that when the Thrush was put in?

The mix of piping materials is making my head hurt. Do I really see sweat copper gas lines?

Yes there are sweat copper natural gas lines. Yep, wet wall. Thrush heaters worked, 'tho small. I had one that supplied domestic water for five adults from old boiler. This one is approx 30 foot away from heat source. It heats the pool at this time.

There is some fun electrical issues also.

I liked the thumb valve on the gas line.

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