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drain trap


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I found this on Monday. The home had been converted into a denture manufacturing lab. There were 11 sinks in the home and each sink had a different version of this trap.

This particular trap did not stop sewer gas from entering the building because it was home made. I think they got tired of paying for the actual traps and decided to make one out of a 5 gallon bucket and some vacuum hose. They didn't realize that the gunk they wanted to trap just stuck in those hoses and that if the trap wasn't completely full of water, sewer gas came in through the drain.

We are remodeling the home for office use and had the opportunity to cut into the drains these were hooked up to. Removal of the drains showed that these either didn't work or they weren't cleaned often enough.

The gray sludge in the drain lines smelled HORRIBLE!

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It's the same arrangement that I've seen in every dentist office and lab I've inspected. Its for the sink dedicated to washing the alginate (dental impression-making gel) off the plates and rinse the plaster molds. Google "Gleco trap" - it's UPC approved.

I know what it's for. In my OP I said the other sinks had different versions under them and that this one is home made. Also mentioned it didn't work because of its flex hoses which don't work well on regular drains either. I was just sharing. Sorry to be a bother.

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Not a bother. I've never seen one before, so Bill's post edumacated me, and of course if you hadn't posted first it never would have come up.

Because so many of the posts are a mite bit abbreviated it can seem almost insulting at times. Don't let that bother you; never read between the lines, every body on here is learning something or we wouldn't bother.

Thanks for posting.[:-thumbu]

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