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Why are only a few new posts showing-- virus ?

Brandon Whitmore

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Gee Brandon, thats running the internet the dangerous way. Many free anti-virus programs out there, best pick one up.

On the virus bit. I never got any warning clicking on posts from my anti-virus program. Which makes me wonder, if it is not effective, or if some here just have there sensitivity setting to high. I use a popular anti-virus program that catches things all the time and I also run Spy-bot.

The Spybot did detect some spyware over the weekend. It was called W3i.IQ5.fraud and removed it from my system. Subsequent scans since have shown it to be gone. A goggle search of that spyware shows it related to freeze.com

Thing is, its Christmas, virus and spyware/malware issues are always higher at this time of year.

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I gave up on the free AVG and Avast after they both let me down. The techys don't upgrade the free stuff often enough, IMO. Since I started paying Norton, I've had no infections, knock on particle board.

The virus was more of a scare than a reality. That is, according to the popup I saw, no computers were actually infected. Correct me somebody, if I'm wrong.

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Go grab AVG FREE. It's about as good as any and it's free.

I have it and it still slipped through. Had Spybot not caught it I would never have known. My wifes uses Avast, stuff slips be her Avast and her Spybot catches it. I wouldn't be surprised if Gary was right about the anti-virus people.

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I always wondered If the anti virus people, hired people to create some of them. Hey. I'm just sayin.

I've always believed this. Who better to drive sales and updates than a "new" virus.

Here is a few others for you guys that works well.



Windows Defender

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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I've been running Microsoft'sw own free anti-virus (Microsoft Internet Essentials) for about two years now. I checked out several reviews on it, and the ratings were pretty encouraging. It's been great!

I've been running the same for the past 1-1/2 years on my main notebook. It was worked very well.

I still have "paid" AVG on my backup notebook and my wife's and occasionally some items slip through.

None of them are foolproof.

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Another tool to use to stop problems is a rootkit scanner. Some say Kaspersky has about the best one out, they call theirs TDSS Rootkiller. I have it and it works I guess. It hasn't caught anything that got past AVG or Spybot. Problem with it is that you have to run it yourself, it isn't automatic like anti-virus or Spybot. Most anti-virus programs have rootkit detection built in, but that part of the program doesn't get the attention it needs and isn't udated very often.

There is an article here about rootkit programs;

http://usa.kaspersky.com/about-us/why-k ... -detection

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The virus showing sometimes and sometimes not is becuase it was injected into a javascript file and this file is cached in your browser. That's why many couldn't see it in some browsers as they were running off the cached version without the virus. It was more likely to show up on a new post or a browser that had not been on TIJ before.

The site is clean now.


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