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It's too busy for your house.

Lots of do it yourselfers make the same mistake, trying to get too fancy with borders, diagonals, offsets, etc, etc. It's like a little girl who gets into her mother's makeup kit. (Or like a home inspector who designs his own website with 53 different fonts.)

Use high quality materials and careful craftsmanship. If you want something special, make it subtle. Avoid copying any of the generic displays at the big box stores. Make the tile look like it's part of that house, not part of a magazine advertisement for a do it yourself tile store.

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God, thank you. I wanted to say something, but am not as tactful as Jim.

It doesn't look good any way you place them. Ditch the diagonal thing. De-brown a little, maybe consider something other than brown.

There's too many options to get caught up in something that looks like a Menard's display motif. Look at more magazines and rethink it.

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I appreciate the opinions on our ideas. Preferences vary, that's obvious. We like the earthy browns. It gives us a feeling of warmth, especially with the right lighting. We didn't copy any designs that were on display anywhere. Also, the design I showed was compressed. The final product will have much larger fields so the pictures I showed might give a false impression.

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