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Seller repairs

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That is a big question with lots of shades depending on what was done, etc. If the seller hooks up gauges and recharges the a/c system so that it is "working as intended" obviously it gets reported. But lots of times I will tighten a loose screw, make a slight adjustment to a door knob or such rather than take the time to report it.

In general if there is still a problem, it goes in the report. If not then there is nothing to report.

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This has not happened to me, but I was curious as to how any of you would respond to this situation. During the inspection the seller, or anyone for that matter, repairs the deficiencies. (Let's assume properly) Would you report the non-existent issue?

It's happened to me a few times. If the fixer fixes it to my satisfaction by the end of the inspection, I wipe the comment from the report. If he doesn't, I don't.

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