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Nice looking fella. Getting a head start in the business, looks like. Glad he's not my competition.


When I tell folks that I have an eight month old son some of them give me a hard look and ask if I'm crazy. (Which I am in some things) some don't believe it.

So I have been taking out to some of the real estate going on to meet some of the Realtors. He has his own name tag as my PR person

by the way thanks Marc

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You're a lucky man, Phillip. Enjoy them when they are young, cuz they grow up pretty quick.

Hi John,

I plan on spending as much time with him as I can and enjoy him growing up.

With my first set of kids I was working all the time and didn't get to see them much.

Aiden is the reason I quit my other job. I have set it up where I can be there when my wife is at work which is mostly on the weekends.

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