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Sometimes you just admire it!

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Yes Tom, J Channel. Somebody's done covered most of the structure with vinyl siding.

Here's a closer view of the outside of the turret and gable. The turret still has the original fish scale siding.

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It's a welcoming place. The gate has been open so long the tree grew around parts of it.

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Very cool. I love that stuff.

I see a number of these in Chicago, most sheathed with OSB. There's never any apparent problems related to lack of vents.

That might not be the case with this one.

The moisture discoloration begins low and gets worse as one gets closer to the apex. Some of that wood higher up looks like it might already be in early second stage rot. Under the old wood shingle deck it would probably have breathed pretty well and been able to stay ahead of the moisture. Under the OSB covering, it might develop issues.

I think Mr. Roofer was foolish if he didn't include a means to keep that deck dry. To be on the safe side, I think I'd have recommended a means to ventilate the turret. He might have placed some cedar breather membrane or something like it under the crest cap. In the photo you can just make out a dark line where the bottom lip of the crest cover meets the roof slope. There might be a narrow gap there filled with mesh.



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Maybe, I have no idea what happens in Kentucky. Around here, the skip sheathing always looks like that, usually because the old roof leaked.

I'd also be highly doubtful that the old growth skip sheathing was in "early stages of rot"; I see this stuff when it's been soaking wet for a couple decades buried in joist pockets in solid masonry, and it still doesn't rot.

Venting is fine if it needs it. I don't know that it needs it. If it does, vent it. Seems pretty simple.

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I didn't see any rot, just water stains from past leaks. Only problem I noted was the broken rafter at the 4:00 position. These turrets are seldom vented around here. I don't see much problem from it.

And hey, they actually remembered to put a guard around the attic stair case. People must have been shorter back then.

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Hmmm, maybe I should have put all this in the Old House forum. Is it to late to change the forum?

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